Why Submit?

1. All of our judges are real on-premise buyers from around the USA who make real purchasing decisions for their businesses. 

2. This is an opportunity to place your spirits and non-alcohol mixes in front of real buyers seeking the best in that category.

3. This is a wonderful opportunity for an established spirit and mixer to reconnect and or be rediscovered by the buying community in a true blind tasting.

4. A perfect opportunity if you are a new spirit or mixer and looking to grow its distribution and be in front of real trade buyers.

5. We will be showcasing the winners immediately after the competition at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas.

6. The winning results will be promoted in Bar Business in print and online.  Winners will be listed 3 times including the  April and June and October Magazines.  Winners will also be included 4x in the online editions in May and July and August Newsletters.  The new Bar Business Magazine App will also have information running from April to September 2016.  

7.  Winners will be announced on Nightclub.com BarBizMag.com AlcoholProfessor.com and BarBizSpiritsCompetition.com 

8. Winning spirits will be poured at no additional charge with their supplied product on our National roadshow.   Winners will have the option to participate in person at our roadshow events once dates have been finalized and costs associated have been calculated.   

9. Winners will receive at no additional charge a 2” medal and the use of the digital image.  Stickers must be purchased from our company to ensure quality control.  


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