What is your overall goal for the competition?
Our overall goal with this competition is to create results that those in the on-premise industry respect for their peers are the one who are judging.

Who are your Judges?
Our judges are top on-premise buyers around the USA.  We will be updating the biographies of the judges as we go along.  

Do you have to be distributed in Las Vegas to be in the competition?
The competition is open to all commercially produced spirits and mixers available around the world.  So if you are only sold in California or Italy you may submit to the competition.

How do you promote the winners?
We will be showcasing the top winners immediately after the competition on the show floor of the Nightclub and Bar Show.  The winning results will be published in Bar Business in print and online at least 3 times in print and multiple times on its online edition.  The Alcohol Professor will be showcasing the winners of the competition in related articles.  

Winners may provide us product that we can pour on our National Road Show at no additional charge.  They will have the option once we finalize dates and costs to also participate onsite during the Road Show.

If we win do we get an actual medal?
Winners will receive a physical 2” medal and the use of the digital image in their POS.  Though all stickers must be purchased thru us for quality control.  

How do you run the competition?
We are partnering with Adam Levy, the “Alcohol Professor” and founded and runs the International Beverage Competitions which includes the New York International Spirits Competition, Berlin International Spirits Competition and Melbourne International Spirits Competition for many years.

How many bottles do I need to send?
We request that you send 2 x 700 or 750ml of spirits per submission.  If mixers we request the similar minimum amount of 14-1500ml unless it is bitters.  If smaller size then 3 x 500ml or less

Do you blind taste?
Yes the judges will be blind tasting the liquid by its category and national retail price.  So the judges will know for example that it is a Potato Vodka that retails for $25 or Tequila Anejo that retails for $65

If I don’t see my category here, what should I do?
Please immediately contact us for additional help and we may create a new category for your new special product!

Do I have to be there to compete?

We get that question a lot....No it is a blind tasting so no producers or their representatives are asked to be onsite.  Just send the bottles!

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